Jane Montoya
Jane Montoya
October 25, 2023.
I've had the pleasure of working with Trisha for a little over 3 years. She supports our business in programming all Mind Body related classes and other. She is prompt, efficient and a delight to work with. A few things that I appreciate most is that she responds quickly and recommends good business solutions whenever needed. She certainly makes my job easier when it comes to MB related everything :). I strongly recommend Trisha and Jones Business Solutions!
Nastasia Broncard
Nastasia Broncard
October 22, 2023.
Stephenie Dillon
Stephenie Dillon
February 4, 2023.
We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Trish Jones! She has helped our business grow as well as helped us organize and expand in ways we didn’t know were possible. Aside from work Trish has become family and we would highly recommend her to work with everyone!
Marcie Cullen
Marcie Cullen
January 10, 2023.
Trish is extremely professional, competent and easy to work with! She is a very clear and concise communicator and helped us quickly and efficiently. She was a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend her 100%!
Melinda Reeder
Melinda Reeder
January 7, 2023.
Trish is incredible! She is a guru when it comes to MindBody and has trained our entire team from entry level to executives. Additionally she takes on a multitude of projects, easing our workload and ensuring that everything is done promptly and correctly. She’s seemingly always available when we’ve had an urgent request, and has a constant can-do attitude. We’d be lost without her; and definitely wouldn’t run nearly as efficiently! Thank you for always saving the day and making sure things are running smoothly!
maya Benayoun
maya Benayoun
January 6, 2023.
Trish and her consulting services for my company have been a lifesaver!! She is always professional, timely and extremely good at problem solving. We personally use her for backend Mindbody adjustments that use to take countless hours of our time. Can’t thank you enough Trish!
Tim Hicks
Tim Hicks
January 6, 2023.
Trish was an outstanding partner as we launched our new business, her responsiveness and knowledge of the Mindbody Online system was incredible. She provided much needed assistance as we setup our system and if there was ever an ongoing need she was on it and we never missed a beat. She is a huge asset to anyone using the MBO software.

You can’t really get better than Trisha. She was awesome, I would highly recommend. She had us set up and ready before I knew it. If you need anything done with MindBody, she’s the ONE.


Brittany Vaughn

Youthful IV

Trish is a consummate professional. She offers expert guidance on mastering mindbody alongside responsive support and insight into how the system works. From training all of our staff in mindbody to helping us as owners maximize the back end use of the system to grow our business, she knows it all, delivers on time and really cares about the overall success of the team. If you are a studio owner who is frustrated with mindbody or struggling to use the software to its fullest potential, I highly recommend Jones Business Services! Trish will have you back doing what you love best – teaching yoga and creating community – instead of being stuck behind a desk mired in software details.

Kristen Butera

Owner, YogaLife Institute

Jones Business Solutions has been getting me out of jams since before Jones Business Solutions was a thing! Now. even more! Knowledgeable. efficient and I can always “hear” her smile. I’ve had about 4 website emergencies that needed to be dealt with super quick, each and everytime it was done before I knew it. Multiple skills. and cost effective. Im going to be a customer for life!! Thank you thank you!!

Stacy Lynn

Owner, Art Ambassador Chick

I have known Trish professionally and personally for years. She has been an integral part of the growth and success of our business in her duties as account manager. As the owner of Get Fit I can not express enough how much it means to have a team member that is trusted and treats people the way that you, as an owner, would treat people.

Trish is extremely punctual in her execution of tasks, she has wonderful customer service skills and her ability to be flexible is such a benefit for any company. She has been exclusively handling client accounts for our company for 6 years.

When she started we were just transitioning to a web-based system with 50 or so clients and we are currently completely digital with over 800 clients. In all the years I’ve never had a client nor team member complain about Trish, her work or her customer service. She is a great team player and is willing to go the extra mile.

Trish has always been able to see the big picture. Her skill set is well above the bar but her heart is what sets her apart. She loves her family and others, she personally lives a life of integrity that then flows into her work, she has a true servants heart and I couldn’t give her a higher recommendation.


Tara Crenshaw

Owner, Get Fit Modesto

Trisha Jones is magical. She has become an essential part of the team at my business. I brought Trish on during a time of transition and she jumped right in and become a critical part of streamlining operations and optimized our utilization of MindBody software so we could be more effective in reaching sales goals and providing a better overall experience to our clients.

Holly Bordeaux

Owner, Pole Fitness Seattle

Trish at Jones Business Solutions has become an important part of our business.  She has served as our front line customer service via our email inbox and has served as our back office support in Mindbody.  She is an expert in the software and has helped us streamline how we use it. Highly recommend for any studio fitness owner.

Doug Watson

Owner, F45-Mississauga Downtown

We’ve been working with Trish at Jones Business Solutions since the day we decided we were going to start our business. She plays an invaluable role on our team from setting up client accounts to helping track inventory to billing and the list goes on and on. Highly recommend you let Trish take some work off your plate…You will not be disappointed!

Bear Walters

Owner, Get Fit Oakdale

It is an absolute pleasure to recommend Trisha Jones for your personal / professional / virtual assistant needs. Trisha was my personal professional assistant and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her. I have come to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team.

She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that her organizational and software skills (in MS Office, Google Apps, and many other in-house software) always impressed me. Her knowledge of the needs of a professional and expertise in management was a huge advantage to my entire office. She put her skillset to work in order to meet multiple deadlines using tools like Google Calendar, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Google Apps in order to help pull off some of my larger professional projects. Along with her undeniable talent, Trisha has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player and always manages to foster positive discussions and brings the best out of other employees. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Trisha to join your team as a dedicated and knowledgeable assistance and all-around great person. I know that she will be a beneficial addition to your organization.

Domenic Dawson

Owner, Dawson Resources