Trisha Jones

Owner/Magic Maker

Trisha Jones created Jones Business Solutions when she became tired of working a 9-5 muggle job that was filled with more stress than joy.  She had a deep desire to be work on her own terms and not be tied down!

In 2017, Jones Business Solutions was born!  Trisha started offering online services that ranged from basic Administrative Support to IT Support for Small Fitness Studios.  With the help of those services, the owners of the studios were able to get out of their offices and redirect their focus toward their clients and businesses without breaking the bank!

Trisha saw incredible growth, both professional and personal, in her first years of business.  She was featured in a blog for The Story Exchange and she also started offering support to other moms who want to branch out and start their own businesses. 

Jones Business Solutions is now offers services from basic admin support to full business management to any small business that needs support.